wtf is web3.0?

web 3.0 is the fairly recent paradidgm of facelifts and redesigns on websites and your browser over the last 2 years.

wether it’s a social network, or your facebook page, or gaming forums, no doubt at some point you’ve scratched yoru head at the mindlessness of this paradigm.

i think this was pioneered by facebook’s endless updates to their ui and fcuntionality. often these updates made things worse, look iglier or not work as well as before. adding extra clicks and unintuitive usage paradigms and so on.

and ofc since facebook has gotten huge despite that, everyone else feels the need to do this.

major example sof web 3.0 design are the gawker redesigns, both the main page thing of 1-2 years ago, and the constant changes to theri commenting systems that seem to get more and more convulted every 3rd week. the other is the death of digg.

web 3.0 designers will go on and on about how it simplifies things adn eases use for new internet users and makes things easier and especially their big buzz word is removing clutter.

the reality is it’s often cut down functionality and decreased useability and readability and often looks liek a clusterfuck of a cluttered mess.

you can usually tell something is web3.0 when it removes the older borders from buttons and between posts and so on that were initially added to improve scannability and readability and skimmiability- basically borders allow you to consume the data on webpages faster, wether on blogs or on forums or on your tumblr dash board- which i’ll note i could say something about timblr dash board like not having the tumblr poster in every single post and no time/date stamps on both reblogs adn blogs and quotes.

enough is enough people, this is worse than the average myspace custom profile page back in 2005. it’s like browsing the mess that was farmes back in the late 90s all over again, this time with even less delineation between different parts of the content.

stop web3.0 before it’s too late, before our blogs and forums and social networks are ruined forever.

i look forward to when this fad is over and we can go back to web design that focuses on useability and proper functionality again.

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  • 2 years ago