on the other hand imagine doing a raid boss in teh world where you both have to tank/dps/heal while doing the mechanics of the boss and defend your raid from other players attempting to take that boss from your for it’s rewards for themselves.

imagine if those rivalries and feuds and drama on your server could be settled as Real Men and Women and Small Furry Creatures on the battlefields and farming fields and anywhere that attacking each other was allowed. until you made the other guy apologize for his slight and beg at your feet for mercy.

oh right, choosing when and how on your own terms at all times removing all sense of danger and tension and all surprises from the game. brb matlock is on in the romper room at 2pm and then the home has nap time then eucre before dinner.

re: how instanced content is better than world content, using effing gw2’s mass safety dance zerg bosses as the only point of experience or reference.
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only the dead have seen the end of the war.

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spellslinger so OP. lolololololol

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the highest goals one can strive for in gaming, is not high scores, achivements in hardmodes, a set of purples or oranges or pinks, or the highest rating in the land. it’s not world firsts or /played or the amount of gold one has obtained. it’s not hitting level cap.

it is making such epic plays that those that witness them are astounded. like violent poetry written in combat.

such plays do not come from fair fights, they do not happen in rated arenas. they don’t happen in esports tourneys. 

they come when the odds are against you, when you are out gunned, out numbered, and out classed. 

they  cannnot be planned. they can not be prepared. they come without warning.

and they are the reason i game.

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taH pagh taHbe’!

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types of sandbox games: an even better rewrite

i’ve identified 4 types of sandbox games, some of which have pvp by default, but not necessarily always have pvp and in the case of mmo sandboxs, not necessarily the sort of ffa no holds barred pvp we’ve seen in eve and eve likes over the past decade and little else.

so let’s take a look:

builder sandboxes: typically voxel based like minecraft and landmark but not always. may or may not have pvp or even combat at all. the point here is to build things. can also argue this includes planet explorers.

sp sandboxes: games like skyrim GTA and saints row - if you made these straight conversions into mmo’s they’d either be themeparks or the mass death match that is JC2 MP mod.

mmo sandboxes: you’ve got your eve and eve likes here, but there’s also swg and the massively more popular than anything else in the subgenre lineages. keeping in mind swg had stringent rules on when and who you could pvp without being dictatorial like the average hardfaction wow clone. and l2 ofc had stiff penalties for random pk.

city builders: your simcity and tropico type games. can include the sims here too. i added this one by suggestion of a redditor a few months back, i don’t think he was wrong to suggest it.

some of these have out of game modding. some of these games are locked down. some of these games are often played without pvp or even combat at all. some of them focus almost exclusively on pvp wether of the combat variety or the economic or political variety. 

generally as calin points out above, the point is player freedom, or maybe it’s better to say that the collection of rules in these games generally encoruages emergent player driven gameplay to happen in ways that simply are not possible or are heavily discouraged in other types of games. as opposed to a themepark mmo or your typical sp game where you follow a predefined narrow linear (ish) path from start to finish where the set of rules does not encourage you to think and act outside of the box but are rather there to keep you well inside the rails of the path intended by developers.

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the division gameplay demo 2014 e3

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the division e3 2014 cinematic trailer

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been ten + years since i’ve flown in a game with stick

feels just about right, if slightly too sensitive. real nice.

and yes, mouse is op as fuck still. have confirmed it’s buffed to hell and back. it’s a small step away from freelancer controls. and yet people still can’t hack it. i dun get it. you are barely flying the ship at that point.

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i guess people have issues controlling with mouse somehow. but it’s really way overbuffed right now. it’s maybe not quite as bad as the average space game released in teh past 12 or 14 years, but it’s quite op. unfortunately can’t compare to stick yet becuase having technical dificulties with the module seeing my attack 3.

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