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inporylemqq is the guy who posted houndreds of hours in video of the korean version of the game when no one was showing it, ad free, on youtube.

people are quite upset that he got an alpha invites (trion seems to have largely invited streamers and youtubers to the “alpha”) and has just been dancing when “so many of us have been waiting forever” to play.

then there’s the fun that people think this is any thing more than a marketting event and that there are bugs to find and report to trion so they can fix them. LOL.

ofc people actually believe that archeage is or ever was a full sandbox suddenly or that development is going to fork off for NA version just because trion said so. which is interesting with trion’s constant demonstrations of saying one thing and doing quite another over the past few years since rift beta.

so last night CIG revealed it’s dogfighting module, which will kick off player alpha. as i was noting to snoozle in skype, they either suck at writing the correct date for the stream or suck at timers, seems it was the former.


didn’t help that the stream started nearly an hour late.


but once it kicked off it did so in a big way and they got straight to business.

what they showed was both buggy to the point of broken, crashing several times, mechanics breaking and so on, including a stream ending critical failure in the multiplayer demonstration, and amazingly awesome. star citizen is the real deal folks.

chris roberts also handled the bugs and heckling crowd gracefully. he must be the craziest motherfucker in the industry right now i reckon.


i’ll post the video when it’s up.

anyway, seems DFM is delayed at least a month. but what we’ll get when it’s deployed will be a solid well rounded set of ships and activities to derp around with.

trove vs cubeworld

so in one corner we have wollay, part time after work hobbyist developer who after sharing screenshots et al on his personal twitter for a few months of his hobby project, was inundated with gamers demanding he sell the game, and assuring him that despite the fact that he clearly said he has no intentions to work on it full time or hire people to help with it, that it wouldn’t matter, which led him to reluctantly set up a store site for his game whcih due to initial demand was basically ddosed for several days.

and is now the target of much ire from gamers who feel cheated that he has kept his word.

selling the complete product for $20~ usd.

in the other corner we have trion, multinational american based investment product mmo company who has heavyweight investment money backing them with an established corporate system and has the means to develop and publish games themselves, including but not limited to shippsed box copies to mainstream retail stores like gamestop. and is most recently attempting to create their own steam style storefront and gaming platform client.

who announced what was it late last year that they were bringing a in house developer’s “side project” to players, as an early access “open’ development project, complete with faux crowdfunding priority access and cash shop point buy in ranging from $20(lower amounts don’t get alpha access) to $2500 and beyond. there is in fact no upper limit to how much you can spend on trove if you so wish.

what they released looked and played like it was cobbled together in about a dozen hours. i’ve seen better game jam results than what trion pushed to players. it was as if they threw some modules into a cheap engine and some quick and dirty cutting room floor assets and started selling it.

in fact i’ve never played an early access game in such an early state, which is quite the accomplishment given that i bought into entropy a few days after it went on steam early access.

while cubeworld has been in much the same state for the past year, trove has gotten weekly patches that basically now you’ve got the world resetting questing which is largely just farming mobs in different areas, cornerstones for building your house and housing your crafting stations, and some cash shop stuff including one new class.

it has no character customization outside of the cash shop. much of the weapon models are player created. the voxel cubes are the size of your character. and development is progressively cutting down interactivity between players at the request of it’s 5 or 6 hardcore fans.

for a few days after an invite wave you can expect around 40 players to be logged in across the game’s 3-4 servers (each with a population cap of 40), on a normal night at primetime, you will see 11 or less players online total.

i randomly get a torrent of emails imploring me to spend more money on trove, promising me bonus cash shop points and continued *priority* access.

trove is now tied trion’s steam style storefront and gaming platform client.

i can play cubeworld offline after just one auth with the global server. it has a full range of customization options across it’s range of races, boasting a full compliment of classes. it has no cash shop. there are no emails demanding i spend more on it. i can play as i wish, exploiting, cheating, hacking if i care to, i can play singleplayer on my own or on a server hosted by me or a friend or rented. officially servers don’t support more than 4 or 5 players, but people have hacked them to have more than 50 player slots.

i am told today, that trove can’t be derivitive of cubeworld, becuase they were developed at the same time. which let’s pretend that’s not hilariously silly bullshit for a moment. and look at what fans at least claim was in development at the same time as a project by a part time after work hobbyist but by a guy with all the resources of corporate trion behind him. let’s look at what was supposedly in development at the same time as a product that had been deployed to players for 6~ months before hand for ~$20 by a guy and his wife vs the company that brought us such amazing product placements as the dodge challenger preorder bonus in defiance. lets see what we got for $20 or more as soon as someone at trion cba to send us our keys in a few weeks or w/e from when we paid.

we got one class, that had no customization, little to no progression outside of a half dozen weapons and rings which were easily farmed within 30 minutes, a handful of mobs, cube voxle based building so basic it makes early minecraft look super advanced, and about a dozen cash shop items that were and still are the only means to customize one’s avatar.

for the same price as cubeworld which gave instant access, you got delayed access, you got far less, and still get less, and it’s a less polished product.

in fact cubeworld is one of hte most polished games i’ve played in the past year +.

where as i log into trove and there’s still the lag bug which spins my character randomly and frequently.

so yeah, that argument really paints trove in a good light. oh it’s not derivitive of cubeword at all! it’s only a completley half assed cash grab that spams your email every couple weeks soliciting even more money from you!.


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