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[10:59] <@dirtyklingon> i was thinking about how people are annoyed at density
[11:00] <@dirtyklingon> for feeling empty
[11:00] <@dirtyklingon> and that kind of reminds me of typical mmo leveling content a few months after launches
[11:00] <@dirtyklingon> and then that linked in my brain to SC and it’s NPC driven universe
[11:00] <@dirtyklingon> and imagine if you will
[11:00] <@dirtyklingon> “hero” npc’s that sort of act like human players
[11:00] <@dirtyklingon> to populate the world with you
[11:01] <@dirtyklingon> adn give you a feeling of not being alone
[11:01] <@dirtyklingon> and then i realized
[11:01] <@dirtyklingon> in teh future of mmo’s, our best friends will be robots
[11:01] <@dirtyklingon> and i died a little inside

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this is this idea in the games industry, among certain segments of game feedback givers wether or not they are people who actually play games or not, among the gaming press:

that in order to expand their audience and bring in new audiences to their products, that they have to disregard their existing audience’s desires.

you can see this idea in games wether it’s shoehorning shooter combat into mmorpg’s or the idea that games with violence or sexxxy women characters are terrible and must stop being made ever.

i mean these people, devs, game commenters, and “press” alike completely disregard that they are plenty of games that cater to those interests out there: there’s lots of shooters, there’s even even mmofps games. or fps games with rpg elements. there are lots of non combat games, there are lots of games that cater to one idea or another of what a positive female character should be (which i might varies about as much as the number of people asking for such a thing - and yes i am one of those people).

but there’s idea that w/e audience existed before must be disenfranchised completely to serve the audience the game/company/ideology wants to expand to.

that somehow we can’t have mmorpg’s with rpg controls and combat, we have to have mmo’s with shooter combat and controls. that somehow we can’t have games with sexxy women, that we can’t have games with violence. at all. as if these things are all mutually exclusive.

this idea is equivalent to walking into a chinese buffet restaurant, and telling them they should no longer serve chinese food because mcd’s menu is more popular.

it doesn’t occur to these people that maybe if they don’t like chinese food and prefer mcd’s they should go eat at mcd’s instead. they just have to fucking have mcd’s at that chinese restaurant, and any new chinese restaurants should cater to their desire to mcd’s or else they are boring and old and problematic.

it doens’t even matter to them that there are tonnes of mcd’s that are catering to them specifically in their neighborhood already. that’s not fucking good enough for them. they won’t be happy until absolutely all restaurants serve the same menu as mcd’s.

and that is, in a nutshell, my break down of the popular trope that unites a number of current paradigms in gaming today.

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>mfw marvel heroes is the modern ARPG most like diablo 2.
>mfw i learn that might because it’s made by the same people as diablo 2.
>mfw people who idolize diablo 2 don’t like it but like d3 poe and other wowified arpg’s more than mh.

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what in game posessions do you cherish?

one time i had this sword. now to be clear, i wasn’t a warrior or a tank or w/e. i was a magic user who commanded the fearsome power of nuclear fire from my finger tips. and i used swords as my focus for doing so. 

so i had this sword. it had come to me by way of my friend, who i promised to buy him a six pack of beer in exchange for it. which i never did but he always refused my offers to do so or w/e so w/e. he gave me the sword because someone had scammed my previous sword. the previous sword was much like it. he had been using that sword for quite some time, but he didn’t really do much magic anymore, so he offered it to me. now my old sword had been +6, and this sword was only +3. ofc going past +3 risked breaking the sword in to unusable trash. but the sword wasn’t much use to me at +3 and so i had to make it +6

so i went and acquired the scrolls of enchantment to make it +6, and i crossed my i’s and faced the sunset as the pale wolf howled and did three circles in widdershins and then spammed my scrolls onto it all at once.

and it did not break, and now had a nice blue glow surrounding it’s blade to warn others of it’s and by extension my, power.

ofc it wasn’t really a very powerful sword in long run, but it did the job. it did a great deal of work for me, and i grew in power while weilding it, and committed greats acts of genocide on the local countrysides in teh name of the fellow nobility and my noble house.

and there came a time where i was attracted by a new sword, which the gods had deemed fit to make useful in some arcane way, and i put down that old sword and picked up the new one. i gave the old sword to a member of my house, who was in desperate need of some decent outfitting in our shared porfession of commanding arcane forces. and she was quite happy to have it.

and i took my new sword, and saw it lacked the blue glow around it’s blade to warn others and feed my ego. true it was more powerful than my old sword. as well as more expensive to use. but it didn’t quite have that you know what to it. so i took out some enchantment scrolls that money aquired in my adventures usign the old sword had earned, and i smashed them against the sword fervently. and in my hubris and arrogance teh sword vanished before my eyes, destroyed without naught to recover my costs.

i was ofc, in dire straight at this point. swords were the focus for using my great magics, and without a decent one i was rather shit out of luck when it came to adventuring and profiteering through my craft. luckily the leader of my noble house took pity on me, and noted i had done great deeds for our house, and gifted me the most powerful sword in the land, and told me “asmina if you even fucking dare to overenchant this sword i will hunt you down across all the lands and player kill you back to level one” “and i said thanks salao, this means alot to me bro, i will cherish this gift and use it to slaughter all of our enemies as well as helpless peoples which have on their persons things we want”

and i did so, for a time. until it came time to retire from a long career of violence, and i gave unto my friend this sword of miracles, and said to him “give this to our friend i owe a six pack to, and tell him he and i are even”. and then for one last time i put on the robes of a beggar, and thesword magic focus of a vagabond, and ran around making fools of my enemies without the extreme power of my sword of miracles. and then i rode off into the sunset never to be seen in those lands again.

my friend never gave my other friend the sword of miracles btw. i was quite unimpressed.

and this story ended nearly exactly 8 years ago this past week or two.

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and on that last note: some disclosure and frankness

i will tell you now, i do promote my steam, my youtube videos, this blog. i do use my connections to get into betas. connections from fellow gamers with connections, connections with fellow bloggers, connections in general.

i do give self interested feedback in beta. i do promote games i am interested in to my friends, my audience, my fellow commenters, my fellow gamers, my guild mates.

ofc i’m not getting retweeted or paid for this. in fact, i don’t make any money from this at all. even if i wanted to make money i couldn’t. i am acutely aware of what it would potentially take to start making money from these things. even if i was willing to do those things, i doubt i would make any money if i wanted to any way.

while i have made some half assed attempts to sell my legitimately original content (my visual art, my music), i’m not in the business of setting up the offered since late 2009 partner program on my youtube account. i’m not interested in setting up a patreon account. for a while this past year i seriously considered doing a kickstarter in relation to my music production, but decided against it for a variety of reasons.

this is my hobby, and my blog, my youtubing, my stream, are all part of that hobby. i don’t want to be muzzled or put on a leash due to considerations of making a living. i don’t want to have to consider the interests of advertisers, or if my opinions will stop me from getting access that supports my pay cheque. i don’t want to consider my words based on how it may affect my income. and i sure as hell don’t consider them based on how it might affect my view or follower counts.

ofc, money is a real factor in life in all things. for me, for the games i play, for the companies that make games, for the companies and staff members that bring me “news” of games. it’s a real and very large consideration. it be what it be.

and for me, i don’t want my hobby to turn into a job. because no matter how much i may enjoy a job or the work involved, at the end of the day it’s a job. and i don’t malign people who do want to make a living off this hobby.

i just question the lengths a lot of people have increasingly gone to to do so.

and those lengths which have become increasingly visible and common, are considerations that now established media had to deal with in their infancy as well. these very same questions and considerations and practices happened in both radio a hundred years ago, and in newspapers 200 some odd years ago.

it’s something the various fields involved with my hobby and subculture, gaming and gamer respectively, are going to have to grapple with. and perhaps it has gone too long without facing the music on.

and at this point, we are getting the point where some industry specific government regulation may be due. just as it has become a necessity in those other mediums to one degree or another. or at the very least, some agreed upon and upheld self regulation, which is sorely lacking.

money matters. but at what price?

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my rationalization on why i will still read massively… et al

so basically i made a comment that was kind of general about the state of gaming “press” on massively, which chief editor bryanna “bree2win” royce replied to to stay away from the obvious shills.

which is fair enough, but if i was to adhere to that strcitly, as i replied to her, i’d have to also stay away from massively. which i quite enjoy a couple of the writers, as well as using the articles as writing prompts.

and to be certain, massively isn’t even vaguely as awful of the most visible blogs who are mired in the whole #gamergate fiasco, which is ongoing and catching the attention of mainstream established press outlets in recent days.

and to be quite frank, paid blogger, paid vlogger, paid streamer, paid social media queen, in gaming, male or female, are not reporters. even if they claim to be critics they are not in fact so. there is a reason they only do “first impressions” wether it’s certain youtube “personalities” or certain game site networks.

no matter how much they talk up their ethics, or their integrity, they are just as guilty to one degree or another of what the publications that declared gamers are dead this past week are accused of. even maybe not as individuals, but at least as organizations.

and some of them are actually quite a bit worse for peddling influence than nathan grayson could ever hope to be, or are just as bad as sicking mobs on people as zoe quinn and anita sarkeesian. or using their connections to supress criticism or promote their product.

the ivory tower, is not confined to the obvious suspects here. and i can tell you, that your biggest gaming idols are pushing agendas for profit/kickbacks as much as the SJW bloggers posing as gaming press.

and they have done so just as overtly as those people.

that being said, massively isn’t nearly as bad as almost all of the above. a few promotional codes to promote their streams/articles isn’t so bad. is it? that’s up to you the reader to decide and rationalize and accept and resign one’s self to. but do those things conciously and aware of the considerations involved, and always, wether it’s me or mr bain or nathan grayson or whomeever, take their “expert” opinions with a grain of salt. and ofc with due consideration for their potential conflicts of interest involved.

ofc it’s no surprise in this hobby, it’s been long known… oh look this AAA studio gets a positive review for a mediocre product, and this studio gets thrown under the bus that can’t possibly retaliate becuase they don’t have the power of the former AAA studio does. the latter studio needs the “press” more than the press needs them.

it be what it be. as method man once rhymed, cash rules everything around me. CREAM get the money, dolla dolla bill yall.

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good news this morning for repopulation fans.

$100 pledge now gets you instant full time alpha access.

round 1 and all previous backers now have full time alpha access.

round 2 backers of all pledge levels will be getting full time access next month.

even though i just dropped an addition $100 on top of my previous $50 pledge to get instant access, this is still the best news i’ve heard all day. ofc i also just woke up but w/e! CAN”T KEEP ME DOWN!


i’m really really excited by what i’m seeing in the alpha. this is the real deal. i can’t really talk about it too much, but even though there’s plenty of rough edges to teh state of the game currently, i can confirm all those monthly progress updates over the past couple years are absolutely 110% for real like really really real for real.

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throwback wednesday, my last week in l2, around this time of year in 2006

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apparently rpg’s aren’t shooters even if they posses the primary defining aspect of the shooter/fps/tps genre.

apparently rpg’s control schemes that are particular to rpg’s are not a defining aspect of the rpg video game genre.

apparently arguing otherwise is illogical and irrational. apparently wanting proper rpg controls is self interested and irrational.

in the future all rpg’s will be shooters. and this will be called new and innovative and evolutionary. disregard that rpg controls/interfacing as has evolved a great deal over the past 20-30 years, while fps interfacing and controls are much the same today as the were in 1998.

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a little footage of mountain for you all.

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i discovered mountain has an ending. i’m glad i happened to be atk to see it. it was quite interesting. and has gotten me thinking of the presentation of the sort of story like aspects of the text printing the game does, which i hadn’t previously considered.

then you start over. which… i took some fraps of and will upload soon. though i think i might wait until some more random objects have flown into my mountain first.

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#wildstar - posting this video again because it’s exhibit A.

have you ever noticed in mmo’s how hardcore instanced pvpers always complain and demand a sense of progression that takes the form of being more powerful than other players?

all while claiming it’s their 1337 player skillz that is the method for obtaining said progression, despite taking every available opportunity to metagame and exploit their way to the top of that progression?

well for the past 6+ months top pvpers in wildstar have been campaigning along these lines. all while talking up their 1337 skillz and the evolutionary nature of the action combat which totally requires 1337 player skillz unlike boring old tab targetting mmo’s like wow which are totally easy mode for scrubs.

and yet here is this shining fucking example of what happens when these guys get their way. i don’t see how player skill even remotely factors into what’s in this video. the only player skillz i am exhibiting here is the ability to race my ganking partner to melt our opponents before the other has an opportunity to get a single hit in.

this is not max teir pvp gear. this is a couple pieces shy of the entry level non rated set. wearing this gear that allows me to instant melt non pvp geared players with minimal effort or thought, i will get in turn face melted by top teir pvp geared players in the same manner i melt these players in this video.

take it fwiw. it is what it is.

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