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  • 5 months ago

elder scroll online NDA lifted - here’s my impressions from beta

it’s pretty much a run of the mill quest grinder that misses the strengths of the IP in favour of shoehorning in cliches we’ve become all too familiar with over the past several years and last few years in particular. all your go to stuff you’ve become grossly familiar with are here - VOed quests, quests that give you loot and exp, action combat that’s rather heavy on click/button spamming and holding down to “power up” are here.

graphically the game is worse looking IQ and technical wise than skyrim out of the box - which is quite dissapointing becuase skyrim vanilla basically uses the assets on pc that are found in the xbox version. on top of that you can expect draw distances that are straight out of 2004. actually i think morrowwind had further draw distances than this. yes, we’re tlaking good ol oldschool fog here.

the combat reminds me of tera and dcuo, except even more shallow and clunkier. alot of left click spamming here. the targetting is hilariously wonky at times as well. and to top it off the left click skills when held down to charge also snare your character. in generall the combat lacks the feel of impact and connecting with the targets, and movement and control in general feels floaty.

the environment is run of the mill, features large polygons through out btu thankfully unlike aion the texture reolsution on them is not too bad at all.

quests are your run of the mill stuff. way heavier on collect quests than kill quests. occasionally some “puzzles” that make the so called puzzles in skyrim look like super hardcore expert mode by comparison.

grouping is pretty hit or miss, mostly miss. to get with your party members you’re going to need to find the interface where it allows you to select “teleport to group member” and then it’s going to seem to do nothing for about 5 minutes, at which time it’s going to teleport you to the phase they were in when you clicked it, even if they’ve already teleported to yours. then you can apparently be phased out of their instance just by being too far away from them for less than a minute, and then for me at least it broke completely which persisted between game sessions for the rest of the beta.

unlike proper TES games, you can’t simply wander around do a mix of questing and totally liegtimate random exploration and dungeon diving - this is out right a quest grinder. unlike tes games you’re going to be getting your gear upgrades and exp primarily from quests. zone progression is gated by quests which is gated by level.

also want to note that the context wheel that includes the button for trading with other players didn’t work at all for us. as well there’s a lot of odd button binds for things, like alt is the sort of do everything button for example, you’re also going to need e and r handy in addition to the number keys and so on.

even though everything in char creation is handled by sliders, many of them don’t do much to change between the 3 extreme points of the ranges. i played with it around an hour while attempting to log in which gave no error message or queue or any indicator at all unless i spammed the button several times which put me back to the log in screen with a cryptic error message. i basically had the choice of 3 faces and some subtle differences if i put the slider between the extremes. plus point though is you can wear an eyepatch. minus point though is you are probably going to be stuck with it and any other accessories or makeup forever after character creation.

and here for the worst part - the tutorial is dry and weird. i’ve seen so many people in my guild that didn’t make it past it because the tutorial makes the game seem so unappealing. you’re going to be here a solid hour or longer on your first time in it even if you don’t read the quest text. it’s also light on what tutorials are for - which is tutoring the player on the basics of the game- it does that, but it’s less than 1% of the time spent in there.

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beta is beta is never a legitimate defense against valid concerns and criticism. but invariably it will be posted in reply to reasonable and legitimate concerns and complaints and crticisms and any post/comment that isn’t a glowing priase of how amazing devs are and how much you hate wow but please make the game more like wow x expack because y expack ruined wow and i hate wow.

invariably beta is beta becomes this is the most amazing launch yet but it’s just launch so you can expect the game to be perfect yet and this launch is the best launch ive ever done and totally better than d3 or w/e.

followed by, the game has only been out y months, you can’t just expect them to fix everything instantly! mmo’s are never finished

which later becomes vanguard or warhammer. then the game closes and suddenly people talk about it glowingly in ways that no one has seen in public or much in private since before the game was launched and teh space cadet glow hadn’t washed off yet.

alternatively there’s the worst game ever that is nothing like the previous game except too much like the previous game and is too much like wow in this way while not being enough like wow in this other way and they really need to add raids and increase the gates and there’s nothing to do at endgame and the engine is terrible and omg i’m only getting less than 20 fps with 200 people on screen in combat this is trash and omg this game will be f2p within the next week and is already failing!

alternatively, seeing posts from people with low post counts/new accounts/low karma saying things gloingly about the game and how nice the community is that fits the pr narrative but doesn’t even vaguely resemble reality.

mmo beta/launches. the best part of the entire mmo genre for the past 10 years.

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i bought into entropy early access the other day, dicked around, very buggy wonky and not much to it outside a whole lot of empty procedurally generated systems.

people asking if they should spend big bucks on it and i let them know it’s very early and rough. other people come at me because they think people should pony up the max $100 package. saying “oh it’s early access and you can support the game”

i seriously progressively noticing these early access/buy in games seem to be putting up the earliest playable game state up for sale these days.

about 6 months ago we bought trove which felt pretty basic but was worth the $20 for what it was. since then we’ve become inundated by early access/alpha buy in games that are willing to take far mroe than $20 per person for far far far more basic and incomplete and buggy messes than cubeworld could ever hope to be.

wether it’s trove or entropy.

it’s a fucking joke. and it’s insulting that people defend this shit with the typical “it’s just alpha” with every bit of feedback that isn’t blowing hot air up developers asses or campigning for some fundemental change.

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  • 9 months ago

my good friend from irc inporylem is yet again delivering the no bullnyerk video coverage of a korean game of western interest: black desert.

i know he was having some performance/lag issues, so it might be worth also checking out steparu’s coverage, as they tend to upload without comment.

the climbing up ledges thing looks pretty quirky. haven’t checked out the parkour stuff yet.

at this rate this game may get to teh west before archeage, and it’s quite visibly a much superior game on all fronts even with so little info/earlier state.

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it’s kinda funny to watch mmo gamers make complete cunts of themselves for a chance at “beta”.

settle down kiddies, it’s just a game. and the more you put this or any other game on a pedestal in your mind, the less likely that ivory tower is going to live up to your expectations of it.

really that’s probably good advice for alot of things in life. but mmo gamers are increasingly obnoxious as fuck in terms of how they treat themselves and others in relation to betas.

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  • 1 year ago

the dangers of beta

i’m a tester in a game right now that for a change is doign an actual beta. the game is in an early stage and it’s pretty obvious to me, and somethign the devs have been relatively open about, is that they needed testing done before they can progress, but being a small studio with a small budget can’t afford paid testers and can’t allocate man hours to do it themselves.

ofc players who are tasked with doing some actual testing for a change are confused. because by and large betas are for the charade of lettign players feel involved and lettingn them think they are contributing by testing a product which is for the most part what it’s going to be at launch.

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this is an arkfall with bugs in it. we had issues with ammo/. first it was sundial’s turn to be ammo straved, than after this video it was mine.

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