• a-lovesss-aHey, because my dx version is 11 should I downgrade to 9? if so will it make the performance better or? and can I eventually upgrade back to 11 when I want to?
  • if you have dx11 hardware on windows 7 or vista you don’t need to do anything at all to run any games or other apps at the absolutely highest performance your system can provide. i’d also warn about any tweak guides to windows like disabling aero or processes which will have negligble performance gain but can adversely affect your computers useability.

    in other words, there’s no need to do anything to run gw2 as best as it can run on your system.

    aside from making sure your windows is up to date and your video card drivers are recent(amd and nvidia may release new drivers before or after launch which may improve performance and stability)

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  • 2 years ago