in regards to my post about that person yesterday - i don’t give a single fuck who fucked who for what reason at this point. it’s bigger than gaming when staff of multiple sites are actively suppressing legal speech, in particular when they claim to be bastions of of free discourse and speech. it’s bigger than gaming when news outlets like vice who are renowned for their hard hitting well researched and investigated pieces are doing not even remotely researched or investigated, and blatantly false articles on the subject. this is all kinds of #wtfuckignfuckisgoingon. yes there are lots of counterproductive things being said- on both sides, but when one side is free to be as counterproductive as they can possibly manage, while the other is being actively suppressed even for completely legal and protected speech, that’s alarming. and it’s staggering in it’s scope.
i am watching users of communities which are normally at odds with each other in terms of behaviour and ideologies agree on this issue, while admins/staff/professional writers/ecelebs/gaming devs attempt to wag the dog in unsubstantiated and poorly researched ways that are only inflammatory. it’s incredible. i’ve never seen anything like it.
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it was rarely dull, but it was always boring

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